Introduction: Simple Basic Audio Amplifier Circuit Using 1 MOSFET Transistor

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First, watch the video till its end then you will understand everything.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Here is the circuit diagram guys.

you can also make it by joining some simple components.

sound Quality is Desert at low Number of the components.

Step 2: Here Is a Picture While Playing

Here are some essential Link:

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Needed Components Online Link-

1. N-Channel MOSFET


IRF840B (I used this in this article)

2. Soldering Iron

3. 3.5mm Headphone Jack

4. Speaker

5. 2.2k 1/4w Resistor

6. 1uf Capacitor

7. 18650 Battery

8. Wires

9. Heat Shrink Tube

**Note: Use Heat shrink tube for making all connections Secure.