Introduction: Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns - How to Make a Crystal Beaded Bracelet With a Toggle Clasp

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Look for simple beaded bracelet patterns? So lucky! Here I want to show you how to make a beaded bracelet with a clasp. Don’t leave; a fab crystal beaded bracelet is waiting for you!

Step 1: Materials Needed in Simple Crystal Beaded Bracelet Patterns:

6MM Abacus Glass Beads

Drop Glass Beads

Tiger Wire

Toggle Clasp

Crimp Beads

Step 2: Start to Make the Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns

1st, cut off about 80cm tiger wire, slide a toggle clasp onto the middle of the wire

2nd, slide a crimp bead onto both wires and pinch it with flat nose pliers.

Step 3: Make the Basic Simple Patterns for the Crystal Beaded Bracelet

1st, slide a drop bead onto one wire, slide 4 abacus beads onto the other wire, cross both wires through another abacus beads and tighten wires;

Step 4:

2nd, add a drop bead to one wire, and add 4 abacus beads to the other wire as pictures show, cross both wires through another abacus and tighten wires;

Step 5:

3rd, repeat the basic pattern to make the rest crystal beaded bracelet until get your desired.

Step 6: Finish Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns With a Toggle Clasp

1st, slide a crimp bead onto both wires, add a toggle clasp, and then pass the wires back to the crimp bead;

2nd, pinch the crimp bead to fix the end, and then cut off the extra wires.

Step 7: Here Is the Final Look of Simple Beaded Bracelet Patterns:

Good job! Now, the simple beaded bracelet patterns are done! Do you like this crystal beaded bracelet? Base on this tutorial on how to make a beaded bracelet with a clasp, you can design such simple and affordable crystal beaded bracelet for yourself. You deserve to have!