Introduction: Simple Beginner HTML Site

Step 1: The Start

Hello, finnybrueren here with a new tutorial about how to make a HTML site. Here are the simple things you need: laptop/computer that works, The notepad application ( in Linux it is Gedit), and a internet space(try to get it on the web.

See picture: this is a really easy html document

Step 2: HTML Things

HTML is a programming language, so if you want to learn it, you need to know something about computers. It is always fun to do those things. This tutorial is for people who want to learn it but don't know anything yet. Just the basic things.

Step 3: Practice

This is how a simple HTML code looks:

my first site

And in your browser you will see this:

my first site text

(Note: save it as a .html file and open with a browser, if you want to edit a existing code, just save it on the old one and click refresh in your browser.)

Try to practice that with other text.

Step 4: Learning Some More

If you get the commands, then try the following : background color


To publish your site, find a internet space and that will just let you select the folder and put it in the air!

Step 5: Congratulations!

You have now learned the basics of the HTML programming language!