Simple Boost for Your Magnetic LED Task Light Strip

Introduction: Simple Boost for Your Magnetic LED Task Light Strip

Happy wife will lead you to a happy life, and she's not happy with our exhaust fan lighting right now; and she will be more unhappy if the added task light falls while she's cooking. So:

Items you'll need:

- Small jewel screw driver

- Small neodymium magnets

Step 1: The Problem

My 16" 78 LED closed/task light comes with a thin magnetic strip, but seems way too weak for an under-mount installation. Also, it'll be tragic if someone slams on the microwave, and light falls into our boiling pots of pasta!

Step 2: Open Up the Sucker

Upon close inspection, the magnetic stickers on both ends are adhesive, and under it were 4 very small screws. Remove them both, back out the end caps, then remove the snap on defuser too.

Step 3: Install More Magnets

Carefully slide out the PCB board. Be careful of any wiring and the battery.

Locate existing magnets on the board and double up. Polarity will naturally attract the new magnets. No gluing is needed.

Step 4: Reverse the Process and Test

Carefully slide PCB back into extruded aluminum. (Mine has a narrow groove) Make sure no wires are pinching, and new magnets are flush. Test operation before installing end caps.

Step 5: Tada !

Congrats, you now have a much stronger task light. F5 tornados won't bring it down!

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