Introduction: Simple Bottle Cap Crossbow

In this Instructable I'll show you guys how to make an easy, simple crossbow from a recycled bottle cap in under 5 minutes. Enjoy, and be safe.

Step 1: Materials

- 1 Bottle Cap
- 2 Toothpicks
- 1 Rubber Band
- Tape

- Scissors
- Swiss Army Knife

Step 2: Holes...

First you'll need to make four holes in the bottle cap as you see in the picture. Think of it as two sets of holes which are EXACTLY opposite each other.

To make the holes I used the can opener on my knife which has a very sharp point. I then expanded the hole by forcing my screwdriver through it.

IMPORTANT:make sure one set of holes is slightly lower than the other so that the toothpicks don't touch each other.

Step 3: Toothpick

Now put one toothpick through a set of holes and firmly secure with tape. This toothpick will act as the anchor for the rubber band we attach in the next step.

Step 4: Rubber Band

Now secure the rubber band around the toothpick with a Lark's head hitch. I tried my best to show it with pictures, but for further clarification, see this Instructable :

Step 5: Ammunition

In order to prepare your toothpick ammo for firing, cut off one of the pointy ends with your scissors. This will allow for better grip when firing.

Step 6: Loading & Firing

To load the crossbow, take your ammunition and thread it through the remaining holes. Now pull it back with the rubber band and fire away.

Step 7: Now What?

Well, there you have it, a pocket sized tooth pick shooting cross bow. You can use your shiny new weapon to annoy people at school, work or anywhere else you might find yourself. Thanks for reading my Instructable, don't forget to rate and comment. Hope you enjoyed it.
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