Introduction: Simple But Strong Knex Gun

This is a Knex gun that is incredibly easy to make, but also very strong and powerful. I like to make and post things that almost everyone can make because they don't use many pieces and the ones they do use are the most basic pieces. This particular one a friend helped in the process of designing it. I hope you enjoy making it!

Step 1: Piece Count

To make this gun you need:

20 Gray connectors 2 Purple Connectors
2 Green Rods 2 Red Rods
1 Yellow Rod

Step 2: The Handle

Use the pictures to create the handle of this gun.

Step 3: Attach

Attach seventeen (17) of the gray connectors toa red rod. Use the pictures for guidance.

Step 4: Red to Purple

Attach the purple part of the handle to the red rod of the thing you just made.

Step 5: Bullet

Now you are going to make the bullet like thing that will shoot out. First, take a gray connector and attach it to the end of your second rod. Then attach the last gray connector to the middle of your rod as done in step three (3). Use pictures for help.

Step 6: Shoot Your Gun

Now that you made your Knex gun it's time to shoot it. First, put the bullet like thing into the hole. How to do it is shown in the pictures in the introduction/title page. Second, grab it by the handle and hold it comfortably. Then, bring your wrist upward gently. Finally, bring your wrist back down into place hard and firm. Your bullet should go flying in the direction you point it in.
Have fun firing your newly made Knex gun!