Simple CD Clock

Introduction: Simple CD Clock

CDs are useful for many things, data storage, scratch collectors, and as i am about to show you, a nice clock. This clock will be mostly for decoration, unless unlike me you decide to measure the marks out perfectly, the time will be off one or two minutes.

Step 1: Materials

Old Clock -MUST BE WORKING! (i dont know how to repair a clock)
CD -could be an old favorite album or whatever i just used a blank one and used the backside
Duct Tape -i used chrome so it blended in a little
Sharpie -it is what it is

Step 2: Taking Apart the Clock

If the clockyou have is a cheap dollar store one like the one i used its pretty simple to take apart. All mine had was a few screws in the back and then the cover came off. Now its time to take the hands off. BE SURE NOT TO BREAK THE HANDS. then your clock may be ruined if you broke the hands... after you take them off there should be a nut and washer connecting the gear box to the case take that off and your done!

Step 3: Preparing the CD

All you need to do for this step is put small pieces of duct tape over the hole in the CD. Then its time to write out the numbers! its pretty simple to get it close... You could use a protractor to get it perfect but i just guessed I just wrote out 12, 3, 6 ,9 and used dashes for the other numbers.

Step 4: Assembling the Clock!

This is the easy part... Just cut a small hole in the middle of the duct tape-covered hole and poke the gear box through. Then just put on the  washer and nut and tighten it down. Now just put the hands on (You might want to cut the hands down first) set them all at 12 so there set up right then just set the time on the back! I used a piece of duct tape to secure the gear box to the CD but thats up to you. Thats all you need to do to make a cool CD Clock!!

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    10 years ago on Step 4

    Useful for making small clocks if you want several clocks for several time zones. I heard that Dollar Store clocks are useful for such projects (but am not sure!).