Introduction: Simple Cable Holder

A simple cable holder for ease of access to your cables. The purpose of this is to help you stop having to reach under your desk to scavenge for your computer or phone charger cables.


You will need:
A 3D printer
3D printer filament
A 3D software, (I used solvespace)

Step 1: Measurements

The first thing that you need to do is to measure up the thickness of your desktop. Write this down for later use. Next find out the diameter of your cables. If you only have a ruler which can be hard to measure with. That’s ok, I found out that a lot of cables are around 3 to 4 mm of diameter. If you would like to design this for an apple iPhone cable, 3mm diameter works.

Step 2: Designing

(The reason I did not just attach the 3D print file is because my desktop thickness will most likely be different to yours and therefore, would not tightly hold.) In a software, begin with a simple rectangle 100 x 15mm. This shape is the green line in the picture. The thickness/height of this shape will depend on your desktop thickness/height. The red line (the side view) is where the clip will begin to form. To find the height of this shape add your desktop height + 2 x 4mm. The 2x 4mm is the thickness of the 2 clips (shown in the picture for better explanation) Insert a rectangle with the height of your desk. (This shape is the dotted line in the picture.) extract This dotted line shape meaning it will disappear and take anything in its area with it. At this point, you should have a C shape. Now create 4 semicircles with a radius of 25mm each along the 100mm C shape (shown as the blue line in the picture)

Step 3: Cable Diameters

With the cable diameters you already measured, make a rectangle on the end of the semicircles (shown as the red line in the picture.) make this shape (your cable diameter) x (4mm). Now extract this shape like before to make a hole for the cables. The Length of this shape will be your desktop thickness + 4mm + 4 mm like before (Yellow line in the picture.) Duplicate this across all 4 semicircles unless you want different cable hole sizes, change the measurements.
OPTIONAL: If you want curved ends inside the cable holes, insert a circle or semicircle, at the end of this hole with the (Cable diameter.)

Step 4: Print It Out

Finally print out the design, when finished, clip it onto your desk and it should sit on your desk tightly. :D

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