Introduction: Simple Cape Mock-Up

As we move from autumn into winter, we can find few outerwear options more stylish and versatile than the cape. Its simplicity also lends well to alterations both functional and fantastic.

This instructable shows the reader how to make a mockup for a sculptural cape using inexpensive materials you might even have already lying around your house!



1 - pair of scissors

1 - hot glue gun

1 - bag of glue gun refills (as needed)

1- "Heat It" craft tool

1 - package of armature wire, 384 in.

1 - sheet of clear Duralar, 30x40 in.

1 - large plastic bag, 48x72 in., or the equivalent in small, plastic grocery bags

1 - dress form (optional)

* Don't forget to cover your workspace before you begin!

Step 1: Construct the Wire Shoulder Structure

Cut the armature wire into several pieces of differing length. Arrange them in irregular triangles so they form a long, pointed form. Hot glue intersecting pieces into place. Set aside to cool.

Step 2: Construct the Plastic Shoulder Structure

Imagine what your wire structure would look like if it were flat, and use this as a guide for cutting out the flat piece of Duralar. Do not agonize over this step; the two final structures do not need to be symmetrical. Fold the Duralar cut-out into triangular pieces, and glue together only where necessary. You may leave sections open.

Step 3: Construct the Cape

Place the large plastic bag, seam side up, on the dress form. Cut a circular hole around the neck, and crop the cover where the body of the dress form ends. Set this cropped section aside for later. Place the wire structure on one shoulder and hot glue into place. Do the same with the Duralar structure on the other shoulder.

Retrieve the cropped section you set aside earlier. It should create a very large circle when completely unfolded. Cut this circle along the seam; you should now have a large, rectangular expanse of plastic. Drape this around the dress form's shoulders, and wrap as desired around the edges of the shoulder structures. Use the "Heat It" craft tool to melt this section of plastic just enough so the texture changes and it hardens into place.

Your sculptural cape mock-up is finished! Now you can use it as a guide to a final version with fabric or another material.