Introduction: Fully Homemade Simple Car

About: hello my name is Musab and want to be an inventor but my greatest ambition is to stop pollution. That is why i use cardboard

    Are you a person who want to make something but does not have any programming experience then this is the project for you. This is the simplest thing that you will ever make. In this tutorial i will show you how to make a car that works. For this tutorial you will need:

    • cardboard
    • rubber band
    • motor
    • adhesive tape(glue)
    • bottle cap
    • drinking straw
    • cutter(knife,scissors)
    • skewer

    Step 1: Step 1: Body

    To make the body we will need the cardboard and the adhesive tape.first using the bottle caps we will draw a circle then join the outer part of the the circles using two lines . After that we cut what we drew and again draw it and cut it. but we have to make sure that they are equal in size. Then we cut a cardboard to hold them together and then join them like i did. After that we cut the middle. Also we have to stick a straw in the front and back. We have to stick the straw where the bottle caps can lift the whole thing and you have o cut the straw so that it will not cover what we cutted.

    Step 2: Step 2: Working Mechanism

    For this step we will use the unused materials. First we cut the edge of the bottles and keep the middle ones.Then we put the cutted cap and enter it to the skewer. Then we connect them like I did in the second picture.Then we put the cutted cap and the rubber band in the middle. After that we stick the motor in the middle then we join the motor and the rubber band.

    Step 3: Remote Control

    To make the remote control we need some cardboard, nail and a power source. First, we make a square out of the cardboard and put two that are attached to the end of the motor wire nails on the opposite ends of the cardboard. Then make a hole in the cardboard that was cutted then join it with another large cardboard. After that put a nail in front of the nail which we used to join the cardboard. Then put a mark at a place where the nails attached to the motor can touch and put the nails from there.After that we give power to the nails as shown on the photo then done you have a fully homemade simple car.

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