Simple Cardboard and Cloths Jewelry

Introduction: Simple Cardboard and Cloths Jewelry

About: hi.I'm from Banglades. I love to do crafty things a lot.

i really wanted to make some traditional jewelry so i have made this kind of jewelry..these are really simple to make and the look fabulous when it is wared..


- 3.5cm length
2.5 cm wide for earrings (4 pieces)
- 5.5 cm length
6 cm wide for necklace (2 pieces)

Step 1:

first of all i took a cardboard and cut them according to the size..i have cut 4 pieces for the for the ear ring and jointed 2 of them together to made the cardboard thicker..and also cut 2 pieces for the necklace and jointed them.

Step 2:

than i took a red cloth and wrapped around the cardboard

Step 3:

i draw a flower in the cloth and colored them white..also a orange dot in middle

Step 4:

this step is optional.i wanted to make them more gorgeous so i have added 3 shells at the bottom of the necklace

Step 5:

then i made the string with yarn and added some colorful balls to look them attractive

Step 6:

and these beautiful cardboard and cloth made jewelry is ready

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