Simple CellPhone Pouch

Introduction: Simple CellPhone Pouch

I was inspired to create a pouch for my smartphone after reading a blog and here's the result of my project.
For details, please visit my blog site here.

Materials Used:
Cloth (can be used cloth)
2 Medium-sized buttons
Sewing Kit (needle with thread/sewing machine)

Step 1: Simple CellPhone Pouch

Step 1. You create an outline on the cloth depending on the size of your mobile phone. Make sure to leave adequate space for stitching ( I just made an estimate here). Mark the borders using a ruler as a guide and a tailor's chalk.

Step 2: Simple CellPhone Pouch

Step 2. Sew the outline and the edges. Make sure to do this carefully and to allot ample space to give room for your mobile phone.

Step 3:

Step 3. Add the buttons. The buttons serves as headphone wrap for convenient use.

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