Introduction: Simple Cement Planters

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Hi, In this Instructable, I will teach you how you can make a very simple Cement planter which you can use around the home as a aesthetic object or a little planter for tiny plants, let's get started and see what we need to make this cute little planting cup 😍


The required material is straightforward and simple.

Just a plain old cup of some Portland cement and some water to douse on it for curing...

You will also need some small plastic cups which you can sacrifice for the project, they can be smaller than your fist or a bit bigger than a small bowl...

I went for a small serving cup for holding it all together. (unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures, but I believe you can get the right size of cups according to your wish)

a small stirring stick, a popsicle stick can also help..

optional items that might help:

  • some petroleum jelly or grease
  • some paint if you want to decorate it
  • some old newspapers

remember to give it time and have patience for the cement curing process

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Take some of your Cement and start by crushing it up to get rid of lumps and chunks, you can even dry your cement before using it, we need it to be as fine as possible, so that the result is strong and does not fall apart...

Take your cups and apply some petroleum jelly or grease if you have it, this might help you while removing the molds later on without much stress or force, a thin layer of this will do...

also place down some old newspaper on the work area, as this can be a life saver when cleaning it up later

Step 2: Creating the Cement Mixture

Go ahead and take your cement in a mixing cup (this doesn't need grease on it..)

dump the cement in and slowly stir it with the stick while adding water, remember be slow and steady so you don't spill the cement all over the place..

Add the water in accordance with your cement's amount, I suggest a ratio of 3-4 cups water for every 6 cups of cement, going under means not enough water to activate the binders, too much means the mix is too diluted..

you can accordingly, add some water if it is less, and add some cement powder if it is too much, I suggest to keep a little baggie of cement powder just in case...

The result mix needs needs to be a wet looking slurry that is just thick enough you struggle to mix it...

if it is ready, go ahead and transfer the mixture to your little moulds, and procced with the next step, which is very important...

Step 3: Tap Tap Tap !

The cement mixture would be very aerated due to the mixing process, after it is in the mould go ahead and start tapping the mould against the ground, with short and swift taps, this helps to bring out the air bubbles inside the cement, which otherwise would cause cracks chips and could even split your cup into two after it cures...

This step is very crucial and you need to take time while doing this, consider doing it for atleast 10 minutes,

once done, place the second cup in the center of the mold and press slowly and firmly into it.., make sure you don't go all the way through, I suggest going about 4/5 of the way into the depth of the cup...

Again tap for a minute and procced into the next step..

Step 4: Time to Let It Cure...

Now let it cure for about a week at least.., in this time, it should have dried up and cured properly..

Along the course of the week, remember to keep an eye on the cup, after the 2nd-3rd day, start spritzing water on to the exposed area, this helps it during the curing process, and removes the heat produced while curing...

Take rest for now, you're almost done !

Step 5: Taking It Out of the Mould...

Its been a week, and now, it should have cured completely...

start by slowly lifting the upper part of the mold up and pressing in to the center, this should remove the cup from the clutches of the cement..

next you can turn the lower mould upside down and slowly tap on the bottom, you can even pull away from the cement on the top to release it from the cement...

do this slowly and carefully, once the cement cup is out, slowly and gently place it to dry for one more day..

Step 6: It's Done!

Congratulations you made your very own little Cement planter !

You can now decorate it if you like, paint it, or even even make one more to create a cute pair !

If the surface is a bit rough, you can consider sanding it down with some sandpaper (>100 grit), however, it will most likely inhibit the texture of the mould and be smooth..

you can add some fertile dirt and place some decorative plants in it, populate it with some tiny greens, or even put some potpourri in it if your like!

If you made this project, don't forget to share it down below, and feel free to ask me your questions if you have any..

Cheers! 😄

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