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Introduction: Simple Change Filament While Printing

Hi, everybody. I want will share the idea with you.

Preface I solved I mean that it is time, it is time to make also to me the spinner! At all is, and at me isn't present - not an order (I thought). As all of you know a spiner it is such piece with the bearing that it could be twisted in a hand … What is necessary to make this thingummy? 3D printer and bearing …. the first is, and here bearings of the house didn't appear. and what to do not to refuse the idea? And I decided that I will make a spiner without bearing … and made … 10 minutes design in Inventore and 1 hour of the press - and here I already twist this in hands … em piece I will also not understand what all found in it, and in passing to me thoughts that I want to try the two-color press layer-by-layer long ago for a start come … And so I prepare g-code and I include expansion for statement on a pause at a certain height there, I load it into the printer and went, the printer prints - is on pause and … waits so far I handles will pull out a bar and I will thrust to it new. OK we do so … made result I pleased...

Step 1: IDEA

We rejoice and is in passing thought that so business won't go if I still want to print something in such style, then again it is necessary suffer also hands to push a bar in this bovden an extruder. Not its, so all desire disappears at once …

In passing I remember that long ago I wanted to realize replacement of plastic through a g-code file.

I deal with M and G teams I make a small file which allows to change plastic, it has conveniently turned out however.

And here she, the IDEA and why not to push this code for change of plastic at once into a detail g-code, a code for a pause is added there? we begin to understand. The pauseAtZ expansion that other as just pitonovsky script which after generation of a g-code adds the necessary lines to already existing code. Video of work.

Step 2: We Open the Folder With This Script

Step 3: We Open a Script for Example in Notepad and We Add Several Lines

Step 4: At First Added a New Variable to Remember Position of the Extruder

Step 5: Then We Consider the Current Value in This Variable

Step 6: Also We Add a Necessary G-code to the Right Place by Analogy As It Is Made in the File.

If you want to repeat it at yourself, you will need to pick up values of length of giving and unloading of plastic those that go after E. Pay attention that there them a little at first negative is an unloading of plasticity, then positive it is loading. I have divided step by step, at first at a slow speed we pull out is sensitive plasticity from an extruder, and then already quickly we extend it from a tube and at the end is sensitive again we are slowed down. Loading similarly.

for copy:

#Castom gcode for change filament automaticly f.write("G91\nM0 Ok. Press to Remove\nG1 F200 E-20\nG1 F3500 E-200\nG1 F3500 E-200\nG1 F1000 E-120\nM0 Ok. Press to Insert \nG1 F600 E100\nG1 F3500 E200\nG1 F3500 E180\nG1 F200 E70\nM0 Ok. Press to end\nG90\nG92 E%f\n" % (e))

Step 7: And Everything We Save the File, We Reboot Cura and We Prepare the Following Model for Printing and We Rejoice:)

Step 8: Here What Is Added in on G-code Now:

Step 9: The End ^_^

Files for download

I hope it was useful.

Thanks for attention. Finger up also we leave the opinion:)

My chanel - please support me, it`s very impotant for me ;)

Original text in Russian

Good luck and happy 3d printing!

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