Introduction: Simple Cheap Air Conditioner(Cooler)

About: Mechanical Engineering

In this instructable i will show you how to make an air conditioner(cooler) from cheap stuff that you get from any store.

Step 1: Parts Needed...

-A plastic box
-A 2.5'' pvc 90' elbow
-A small car fan
-A small piece of PVC tube
-Pipe Clamp

-Some cable ties

-A knife
-PVC Glue

Step 2: Attach the Fan

On the cap of the box you need to make a hole that fit the fan in just like the picture.Then make small holes around the fan and use the cable ties to hold down the fan secured.

Step 3: Put the Vent

 Now make another hole on the cap that fits on your elbow.To attach the elbow glue a small piece of pvc tube on the elbow , pass the elbow trough the hole and use a pipe clamp (optional)  to secure the vent.That way you can move it to blow everywhere you want.

Step 4: Finishing Up

 Put some ice blocks in the box ,connect the fan to a battery and ready to go.