Introduction: Simple Cheap USB LED Light

This is my first Instructable so I thought I'd start with something simple.

For this project you will need:

1 - Male USB plug (got mine from a $1.50 Wii Intercooler)
1 - 22 ohm resistor (red-red-black) thats all I had, dunno if its perfect
1 - LED
Soldering/Desoldering Iron
Hot glue (optional)

Sorry about the bad pics

If you do anything wrong and screw up your computer, burn your finger etc etc...I'm not responsible!
It's a very easy project, but things could go wrong,

Step 1: Extract the USB Plug

Open the Intercooler (or other sacrifice) and locate the male USB plug...not to hard. Next desolder the USB plug from the board. I pulled out the middle 2 tabs because those are for data.

Step 2: Marriage

We gather here today to celebrate the joining of Mr. USB and Miss LED....umm err whatever

First, solder the ground on the LED to the ground on the USB plug.
Now solder one end of the resistor to the +5 volt plug (power) of the USB port, solder the other end to the positive lead of the LED.

Step 3: Test and Finish

Now plug it into your computer to see if it works. If it does, move on; if it doesn't, go back and try again.

If you want, you can put hot glue around the connections to secure them. I did because my stuff always breaks.

That's it! Go light up a computer!