Introduction: Simple Check List

This is a device which reminds people to bring important necessities for going out. When you opens the door, the LED will be bright, the person who are going out will notice the light and check the list. If they had the necessities the check the check list by clipping the the wooden clip on to the two wire. After they clip all the clips, the LED would be off.


-Wire x30

-LED x3

-Arduino Leonardo x1

- Small paper box

Step 1: Connect the Things

Step 2: It Should Look Like This When It Is Finish

Step 3: Upload the Code

Step 4: Poke Hole on the Box

Step 5: Assemble

1. Place the board into the small paper box

2. Assemble the line by plugging in the wire into the hole

Step 6: Make the Clip

Stick small pieces of tinfoil on to the clip

Step 7: Decorate the Box