Introduction: Simple Christmas Card Holder

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A very simple Christmas card holder

This is one of those projects that I nearly didn't film or take any photo's because it is so simple to make. You can make it from scrap wood you have laying around your shop or if you so desired from something like cardboard or plastic or any crafting material you have on hand. Being a wood worker I happen to have some pallet wood so that is what I used.

I first use the table saw to cut into to some strips roughly 40mm-50mm but the measurement here is not important it could be any size you want. Square up the ends so you can then start looking at the lengths that can be cut. If you don't have a table saw you could use a jigsaw or circular saw, or you could just buy the strips from any lumber store and use a hand saw to cut to length.

Find your longest strip and use that as your trunk of the card tree. the for your branches put your longest at the bottom and then slowly getting smaller to make a shape of a tree... I simply glue and brad nail it. If you don't have a brad nailer then glue and clamp will be fine, or you could just screw them (but you may need to pre-drill the hole to stop the wood from splitting) I use a square to get roughly square to the trunk but this is not overall important either... Just get them the way you want it to look.

Then I cut the next branch 100mm short and do this in increments each branch shorter than the one below, I also find centre on said branch so I can quick line it up when I come to glue and brad nail it to the trunk. Now i use my sliding compound mitre saw to do this but again a circular saw or jig saw even a hand saw would work just as well.

Finally I use small wooden craft pegs that can be found at any craft store and use hot glue to stick them to the branch. The pegs hold the cards. You can arrange these to suit your style. Now you don't have to make a tree shape you could make a circle and make a wreath and or any shape you want. The possibilities are nearly endless.

I put a small loop hook at the top of the tree to hang on a pre-existing nail in our lounge and then clip the cards to it... So simple that anyone could do this project with limited tools and it doesn't even have to be made of wood.