Introduction: Simple Circuit/Arduino Doorbell

So, this will be my first intructable. You will just have to excuse
me if I do any grammar or technical mistake in this project. Plus their won't be any images of my physical project. Only graphical schematics.

Anyway, up to what matters, this project can be powered by any 5V power source (I used a USB Cable and its exposed wires) and will work this way: 2 buttons, either connected to a light that indicates whether they're being pushed or not, that also rings a buzzer on the other side of the door. It will need no microcontroller (aka Arduino and respectives), unless you want to customize your ring bell!

Step 1: List of Items


- A door (see if the jumper wires can go through the door's keylock. If not, make a hole yourself)

- A 5V power source (if it doesn't connect to the breadboard, wirewarp them into jumper wires)

- 2 Breadboard (I used one with 400 points for outdoors and a mini 170 points for indoors)

- A Piezzo Buzzer (any buzzer that works well with 5V is fine)

- About 15 Jumper Wires (to differ the colors and sizes, i'll list them more specifically after listing what you need)

- 2 LED (I used 3mm's green and red LEDS

- A 220ohms resistor (so the green LED doesn't break)

- 2 Buttons (I used 4 Pin buttons on each end of the bigger breadboard)

- Tape or anything that can stick your project on the door


- 4 Red/Orange wires (2 Long, 2 Short) for 5V/+

- 4 Black/Blue wires (2 Long, 2 Short) for Ground/-

- 4 Yellow/White wires (3 Long, 1 Short) for Buttons connections

Step 2: Assemble Wires!

I'll leave the graphical schematic of the wires and the 220ohms resistor here, but I will also add a text tutorial for whose doesn't got a lot of time:

OBS: Y, X, W and Z are the + and - rows of points, from left to right.

* Cross Breadboards

Red (5V) Wires:

On Breadboard:

Long W, 25 - Y, 25

Short W, 21 - A, 30

Short W, 05 - A, 03

Long W, 01 - *E, 01

On Mini Breadboard:

Power Supply 5V - A, 01

Black (Ground) Wires:

On Breadboard:

Short X, 13 - A, 15

Short X, 10 - A, 11

Long X, 06 - *J, 08

Long X, 01 - *E, 17

On Mini Breadboard:

Power Supply 5V - A, 17

Yellow (Connections) Wires:

On Breadboard:

Long A, 28 - A, 01

Long J, 28 - J, 01

Short J, 15 - G, 01

Long D, 01 - *J, 07

And finally, a 220ohms Resistor on I, 11 - Y, 10

Step 3: Asseble Components

I'll also leave the graphical schematic here, but I think it's easier to see with your own eyes than read. So just look at the schematic up there.

Step 4: Huray!

And you did it! Now just stick the Breadboard outdoors with the buttons and the Mini Breadboard indoors with the buzzer and the 5V supply. Hope you did it!