Simple Circular Saw With Hard Disk Platter and CDRom DC-Motor




Introduction: Simple Circular Saw With Hard Disk Platter and CDRom DC-Motor

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As a computer expert, I have many spoiled hard disks. There are valuble things in a hard disk to be salvaged, like as platter, motor and magnet. I know what to do with the magnet and motor, but I usually ask myself, what to make with the platters.

They are so clean to be used as mirror, so tough to be Ninja shuriken. Aha.. I've got it!! "Circular Saw".

1x Hard disk platter
1x Hard disk spindle cap
1x CD-Rom ejection kit (DC motor, dip button, fiber)
1x Superglue adhesive
1x 30 Cm of Wire

Step 1: CD-Rom

Extract the ejection kit from the CD-Rom drive. Connect the wire to dip button and board that so the motor can be turned on and off with the button.

Step 2: Hard Disk

Extract the platter and spindle cap. Use the superglue to connect the spindle cap inside the platter and on top of the motor cap. The motor cap is removable so you can disconnect them from the motor spindle when it needed.

Step 3: Platter

Use a cutting plier to make saw blade tooth around the platter. Press each three millimeters, all in a same direction.

Step 4: Use It

Try 6~12v power supply. Actually the motor is fast enough to cut papers, plastics and thin woods, but no metals.

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    2 years ago

    why do not you use the hard drive motor?


    6 years ago

    Would a throwing star smash?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You can also make a circular grinder out of it.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Actually both ideas are nice. I have to discs lying arround so I might give it a try. Sadly I don't have the original motor anymore so I need to find an alternative solution.

    @m-shams: Have you cut anything allready? Does it work nice and smooth or is it just ripping your piece appart? And how does the cut look like?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I use it on plastic bottles and it was a clean cut. Actually it depends on how regular and precise, you make the toothes. As you can see in the image, my toothes are not precise enough (that was my first time).

    also I suggest you a BLDC motor instead of DC, so it has a better speed and torque.