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Very simple coffee table that I made from metal pipe and pine planks. Countertop brushed and covered with tinted wood oil. The surface of the table is smooth because of use of glass.

Step 1: At First Check My Video at My Russian Girl`s Workshop Youtube Channel.

Look at the video above to see how we built this table or follow the instructions below.

The table has size: 950x570x450(h) mm.

Here is a list of the items needed for the build.

Materials need:

- 4 boards 145x45x950 mm

- metal pipe 15x15 mm (2 items by 4000mm)

- Furniture bolts (16 items)

- Oil for wood

- glass sized 950x570 mm

Step 2: To Cut Metal Tube

I use a saw for cutting metal.

Then I weld the parts, polish them, cover them with a primer and paint it in black with acrylic paint.

And make holes for furniture bolts.

Step 3: Wood

Brush the wood and colored it with oil (oak color).

Step 4: Attach

Connected them together. We used furniture bolts.

Step 5: Glass

Put the glass on top

Step 6: Enjoy

I hope you going to do the same table )))

See you!

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