Introduction: Simple Collage Box

About: I am a therapist and in my spare time, I like to bake and craft to de-stress. Check out the link to my cake website to see more of my work. I also have a blog:


  • 1 Box: In the examples I used a wooden box (they are $1-5 at Michael's Crafts), but cardboard or metal boxes work just as well.
  • Acrylic Paint (Optional): I have found that acrylic paint is cheap and works well but you may find another type of paint better suits the material of your box.
  • Mod Podge: This is the most popular brand, but any kind decoupage gule/sealer will work.
  • Collage Cut Outs: You can use magazines, photos, stickers or images that you print out yourself (that is what I did in the examples)

Step 1: Paint Box (Optional)

First, start by giving your box a couple of coats of paint and then let dry completely. If you do not want to add a color then you can skip this step

Step 2: Coat With Mod Podge

Cover your box with a coat of Mod Podge glue (It will dry clear). I suggest leaving the inner rim of the box uncoated so that it is not difficult to open.

Step 3: Add Collage Cutouts

Once you have applied a layer of Mod Podge, secure the collage cutouts to the box and wait for glue to dry. Once it is dry paint another layer of glue over the images.

Step 4: Finished Product

Once it is dry, you have yourself a collage box. The examples pictured are part of a therapeutic activity that can be seen here.