Simple Component Holder (Third Hand) for Soldering

Introduction: Simple Component Holder (Third Hand) for Soldering

Have you ever frustrated to solder cables to a connector or a tiny component while it continually moves away from your soldering tip?

Have you ever wanted a third hand solution to hold you two cables together in order to solder them?

I’m pretty sure that you own a fancy pcb holder with alligator clips or a more professional solution for your bench, but when you are away from your bench you may miss the third hand solution. So here is a simple yet effective solution for the case.

Step 1: What You Need

  • A lineman's pliers
  • A rubber band (you can use multiple rubber bands if you have thick ones)

Step 2: What to Do - How to Do It

Simply put the rubber band on hand grips, in such way that the rubber band will hold the pliers closed firmly (you may need to cross the rubber band in order to be equal or less than the gap between the hand grips).

Now open the pliers and put the component you want to hold in the flat gripping surface.

Release the handlers and the component will be stay on its place and you can work easy.

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