Introduction: Simple Conch Shell Ambient Light

In this post, I will be showing you how simple it is to transform a conch into an Ambient Light!


•Light Bulb

•Lamp Cable (make sure its compatible with lightbulb)


Step 1: Lightbulbs

For the first material, you will be needing a lightbulb!

Step 2: Lamp Cable

The second item you will need is a lamp cable. Make sure the cable is compatible with the lightbulb you own!

Step 3: Item of Your Choice

For this third item, I recommend you to choose a big Conch, this way it can attract more attention and be brighter.

Step 4: Setting Up Lightbulb

For this step, what you will need to do is screw the light bulb into the cable.

Step 5: Add Cable to Conch

Now that you have your cable with the conch, you need to put the lightbulb inside of the conch.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now that you have put together your lamp, you get to enjoy the great company it brings.

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