Mini Character Key Chain Craft

Introduction: Mini Character Key Chain Craft

About: Im Eric Dirgahayu , im a robot maker at diy project

Hello, this is mini tutorial how to make crafts from yarn that is very easy and simple. We will make something of the mini character or another objects, the results can be used for a key chain or the other. Here are the steps to make it :

Step 1: Material and Making a Frame

the material you need :

-Yarn with different colors



-iron wire


First step :

cut into approximately 30 cm of wire, and then fold it in half. in the folds of the piercing rod with small screw driver to form a circle. then twirled a little wire rods (pic no.2-4).

make a bending moment on each stem into two parts so that the wire lane. (pic no.5) then the second strip wire at twirled and constructed by the bottom circumference of juka at Strip up to form a cross. (pic.8) and at the bottom for 2 wire line to form the legs, the same as the previous wrap wire to unite.and the rest of the wire that has not yet been able to scroll by twirled around the middle to form the body.

now the frame is finish and we get into step 2 to give the skin.

Step 2:

I will not be much to write down a long steps because here we just roll up the yarn on the frame we have created above, starting from the head you can use skin color.

First we start with the head rolls of yarn color of the skin around the frame head, but leave the other end of the wire in the shape of a round on the very top of the frames that were later used to hang.

After the head covered with a skein of yarn yarn, continue rolling up on the body and arms with another color, select a color as you want.After the body section is completed go to part away with rolled yarn with other colors so that better.

this section you may need needle, yarn roll on the end of the frame, and at the end of the frame arms and legs there is a circle of wire, thread here should be rolled play into the wire circle so that later the yarn not easy to off. at the foot of the buckling slightly so that the form of the foot. okay if all is done means we're done make it now we just put up a rope or chain is small so we can hang him in a place that we want to.

thankyou ^,^ sorry for my bad english...

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