Introduction: Simple Carving Holder

In this instructable, I will show how to make a simple carving holder for your work bench. You will need a few things to be able to create this. Here is a list of material and tools needed to make the holder. As a side note I have a lot of tools, but you can do this with simple hand tools or smaller power tools, so this list is just of what tools I decided to utilize.


-¾ inch plywood
-table saw
-pocket hole jig
-screw gun
-pocket hole screws(I belive are 1" possibly 1⅝")
-sand paper (varying grit) I used 80 up to 400.

Step 1: Layout

I didn't take pictures of my layout for this project, which is unfortunate. Anyways, I decided to make my holder 12" by 12" , this can really be any size you would like. I would suggest staying small as you will want to store it somewhere. Start by laying out your ¾" plywood and measuring to your desired lengths. You will need a base piece, which I made 12"x12" and then two smaller pieces which I made 12"x3"

Step 2: Cut

Using a table saw I cut my plywood into my desired sizes. Again you can use whatever you have to cut wood with, but this is the tool I decided to go with for ease of use and to keep my wood square.

Step 3: Pocket Hole

Using a pocket hole jig drill four pocket holes in your two 12"×3" pieces. You could also pre drill holes in the side of these pieces and just end join them. Whatever makes your life easier.

Step 4: Join

Using your pocket holes screws, screw your 12"×3" piece to the base plate, making sure that you stay square to your base. Flip the piece over and push up against your bench. Screw in your other pieces, again making sure you are square to the base.

Step 5: Sand and Finish

Using sand paper, sand your work. Start with a course paper and move to finer. I used 80 grit and moved to 400. You can always go finer and you could start course if you feel the need to really knock rough or high spots down, with pre sanded plywood, I didn't see the need to really go at it. Once you are satisfied with your sanding, use a polyurethane to seal, sanding in between coats, I used 400 grit in between to even out my finish. Once satisfied with your finish and its dried, you are all set to start carving. This holder is great for when you are starting to rough out your carving, or for when you need an extra hand to get at a difficult spot while carving.

I hope that this has help some. Thanks for reading.

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