Introduction: Simple Crisp/Chips Packet Dart [Non-Dangerous]

This instructable i am going to show you how to make a simple crisp dart which hopefully will turn out like the picture :)
NOTE: other packets and bags can be used to make this but i chose this because you are more likely to use them.

Step 1: Materials

Well theres not much for this really, seriously.
The only thing you will really need is
- 1 crisp packet or any other [or a few more if you want to be amazingly fast]
- 1 pair of hands

And now your ready to begin, beleive me its not that hard.

Step 2: Opening

Well simply first of all open the packet to you can see both bottom corners as below: BUT because of my camera quality you kinda cant see but anyway you get the drift.

Step 3: Start to Fold!

Yes, start folding the packet inside itself to the bottom corner nearest you, You should start to see the dart shape forming,

Step 4: Finish Folding + Compact

Keep folding the packet inside itself in till you are happy with the shape, you can compact it as much as you like, they can get extremely small. This is also a good way to make more room in your trash/bins so you can fit more stuff in.
NOTE: Many other packets can be used to make these too.
Sorry for the bad quality pictures.