Introduction: Simple Crochet Snowflake

Hey everyone!! I have here the simplest pattern I could make up that would also be a good size for an ornament. It only takes about 10 minutes to make depending on your skill level. these little snowflakes could also be used as coasters and make amazing last minute gifts for the holidays!!

I saw this online and liked it but couldn't seem to find an simple and quick pattern for it so I decided to make one in a similar style to how you start an African flower hexagon piece, I simplified this even further by not going too far into the difficult African flower patterns and just starting with an easy magic ring (or simple chain ring) middle and only using double crochets and chains in the WHOLE pattern!

Hope you enjoy! please feel free to leave suggestions or comments with the photo of your finished result if you made one!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


- Scissors

- 100% Acrylic Yarn (Red Heart Medium 4) in the colors you like

- Yarn Needle

- 3.75mm Crochet Hook

- Glitter (optional)

- Hairspray (optional)

Step 1: The Magic Ring and Chains

Go ahead and grab that yarn!!!

Here are 2 ways you can start the middle of your snowflake:

- Make a magic ring by wrapping the yarn twice over your fingers and grabbing the inner strand with your hook,then loosely chain 1 to keep your loop in place keeping your tail end on the opposite side of your hook.Then chain 3 to begin.

- Chain 2 and place your hook in the 1st chain you made,then chain 3 to begin.

After choosing and creating the middle, then you repeat a simple "Double Crochet 1, Chain 1" Repeat 6 Times

then slip stitch into the first chain you made after the foundation. Pull the tail tight to close the magic ring.

Step 2: The Second Layer

(All 1 row)

- Slip stitch to a gap and chain 2 inside of it.

- Double crochet 3 into the 1st gap

- Chain 1 and Double crochet 4 in the next gap, repeat around.

- slip stitch into the beginning.

Step 3: The Last Stretch

Here the row where you will crochet the points on the snowflake!

- slip stitch into the 1st gap

- *chain 3 slip stitch in gap, chain 5 slip stitch in gap, chain 3 slip stitch in gap*

- repeat this across after chaining to every new gap around. When you reach the end, slip stitch into the first stitch and cut your yarn for about a 2" tail.

- take your yarn needle and carefully weave the two ends back into your snowflake avoiding any gaps.

Step 4: The Glitter ( Optional )

First choose the color glitter you would like on your snowflake.

If you don't have glitter then you can grab an old ornament with glitter on it and rub it back and forth on your piece. :)

Carefully sprinkle your glitter onto your snowflake and seal it with hairspray.

Attach some thread through one of the points to make it into an ornament!!

Hope you enjoyed!! If anything wasn't quite clear then be sure to comment and tell me!

Thank you so much for visiting, Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

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