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Introduction: Simple Crochet T-shirt Yarn Bag

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Hello, it's been awhile since the last time I made something here. This time, I would like to share how to make a bag out of used t-shirts. Yes, they can make a great bag if you haven't think about it yet. You can actually buy a t-shirt yarn, like I do, but you can also make one for yourself if you have spare shirts that you didn't use anymore. You can cut them into an inch wide and make them long to make a t-shirt yarn. There are video tutorials you can find on how to cut the shirts and make them into yarns. For now, we will be using what is available on my stash and go on with the instructions. So now, let's make a bag!

Crochet Terms Used: (English)

  • CH - Chain
  • SC - Single Crochet
  • BLO - Back Loop Only
  • SL ST - Slip Stitch
  • ST - Stitch
  • FO - Fasten Off
  • *-* - Means you need to do the same instruction inside the **

What you need:

  1. T-shirt yarns in your favorite colors. I will be using black and fuchsia as I find it interesting to match together. My t-shirt yarn is pre-cut into an inch wide, but you can use what you prefer.
  2. Crochet hook that matches your t-shirt yarn. I'm using an 8 mm crochet hook, which is best for the yarn that I am using. if your yarn is thicker, you may want to use bigger hooks. If it's thin, you may use smaller hook for it. TIP: If your work seems like there's hole in each stitch, maybe consider a smaller hook to use. Otherwise if you think your stitches are too tight, you may want to use a bigger hook on it.
  3. Stitch marker to mark the last stitch of every row. We will be crocheting in the rounds for this project.
  4. Some embellishments, buttons, or other things you want to attach in the bag to make it more appealing. You may want to prepare needle and thread to sew them too!

Step 1: Base Chain

The size is up to you on how big you wanted your bag. You can adjust the width of the bag for your requirement. The base chain is the secret. Less chain, less width. The length will depend on how many rows you will make. For my bag, I chain (CH) 15. Make a slip knot with your T-shirt yarn and then CH 15.

Step 2: Round 1

First row

Starting on the 2nd chain from the hook, make a single crochet (SC) on the bar of the CHs. It is the bump at the back of the CH. (See photo. Round 1A and Round 1B)

Continue making SC. Make 2 SC on the last ST. (Round 1C)

Do not turn, SC on the BLO of the CH until you reach the first CH. (Round 1D)

Mark the last ST with your stitch marker.

Step 3: Round 2

SC on the next ST. SC on the BLO of the next ST.

Alternate the 2 stitches until you finished the whole round. Do not forget your stitch marker at the end of every row. It will let you know that you have finished the round.

Do this until you reach your desired length of the bag. You can see eventually after doing some more rows that it is beginning to form the inside of the bag.

You can also do t-shirt yarn color change (mine is change from black to fuchsia) if you desire.

Step 4: Bag Handle

When you reach the length that you desired, do this on the next round.

NOTE: make sure your last stitch should be on the very side of the piece.

If not, you may continue to do the SC and SC on the BLO until you reach the side end. (Please see picture. BH A)

Now, mark the front of the bag where you want your handle placed, do this also at the back. Make sure front and back marks are aligned with each other. (Please see picture. BH B)

SC on the next ST. SC on BLO on the next ST until you reach the first mark. CH as to how many stitches the two markers are apart. In my case, I CH 6. Then SC to the 2nd mark. SC on the BLO of the next ST. Continue SC and SC on the BLO until you reach the 3rd mark (back of the bag - 2nd set of marks for the handle). make CH stitches again for the handle at the back. Then continue SC and SC on BLO on the rest of the stitches up to the side of the bag. (Please see picture. BH C and BH D)

Next Round: (BH E)

On this round, SC on the next ST, BLO on the next ST until the CH ST. Make SC on the CH stitches. *SC is equal to how many your CH stitches are plus 2 more. So mine would be 6 SC (I have 6 CHs) plus 2, total of 8 SCs.* Continue to SC on the next ST, BLO on the next ST until the next CH STs. Do *-*for the other handle. SL ST then FO. You may want to hide the end by weaving it through the stitches inside the bag. I used smaller hooks to do it, or if you have needles that you can use with the t-shirt yarn, you may do that also. (BH F)

Step 5: Bag Strap

I wanted a detachable strap on this bag so that if you wanted it just for case, you can detach the strap. Or if you want to bring it along with you, you can attach the strap and go with it. You can use an old bag strap, like the one that I used (BS A). It is from my daughters lunch bag that is already old, she didn't use it anymore. Or you can follow below instructions to make your own strap.

To make the strap:

I use the chain less single crochet foundation stitch to make the strap. If you already know how to do it, that would be very good. To those who don't, follow the steps below.

- To do this, simply make a slip knot on your hook and CH 2.

- *Insert your hook on the first CH. Make sure you insert it on the top 2 loops of the first chain (ST A). Yarn over and pull through. Yarn over again and pull through the 1st loop only that is on your hook (this will make a new CH). Then yarn over again and pull through both 2 loops on your hook.*

- Do *-* again but instead of "First CH" you insert it on the previous CH (the new CH) that you make. and make sure that you insert it on the 2 top loops of that CH.

I have a short video to show how to make it.

Step 6: Add Button for Closure and Some Embellishments

Make a SL ST with your black t-shirt yarn.

Attached to the middle of the back of the bag, then SL ST. (BT 1A)

CH 6 or just enough for your button to go in. SL ST to the next ST. (BT 1B)

Hide ends by weaving through the inside stitches.

Sew the button on the opposite side in the front of the bag. (BT 1C)

And that's it! Your very own T-shirt Yarn bag!

Happy crocheting and stay tune for more of my Crochet lessons for beginners.

You can also visit my website at for more of my crochet stuff and other arts and crafts you might be interested in.

Thank you all so much!

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