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Introduction: Simple Custom Hanging Shelves

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Simple Custom Hanging Shelf

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In this project I will show you how to make a Simple Custom Hanging Shelf, which works great for displaying your decorations.

Items needed:

- Basswood - 24” x 4” x 1/4”

- Thick Rope/cord

- 4 Drawer knobs

- 4 Hanger bolts

- 4 Wall anchors for bolts

- Tape

Tools needed:

- Saw

- Drill

- 1/4” drill bit

- Sanding block or sand paper

- Measuring tape or ruler

I actually built two shelves from one board, so if you only needed one shelf, then you only need a 12-inch board.

Step 1: Setting Up the Wood

First select the locations where you want the shelves. My wife chose a bare wall in our bathroom.

I cut the basswood in to two equal lengths.

I used a table saw, but any saw should work. Now sand down any of the rough edges caused by the saw.

I then drilled a 1/4” hole at each corner about a 1/2” inward.

These holes need to be about the same at each corner, so using a ruler to find the intersecting point is a good idea.

I then used a sanding block to smooth down the rough edges caused by the drill.

I then measured out some thick rope and cut 4 strands to the same length.

The rope worked great with the 1/4” holes.

If you use some tape on the ends of each rope, you will be able to slide them through the holes much easier.

Step 2: Hanging the Shelf

For the hangers, I used some knobs that can be found on an old shelf or new at the store.

To attach the knobs to the wall you will need to buy some hanger bolts.

One end attaches to the knob and the other screws into a standard wall anchor.

Before drilling holes for the wall anchors, measure the exact location a couple of times because everything needs to be level before installing.

Also make sure you know what is behind the wall so you do not hit any pipes or wiring.

I used some simple knots on the end of each rope to hold them in place.

The knots should be able to hold a decent amount of weight.

Once everything is tight, you can hang the shelves.

To adjust the shelves forward or back, just give each shelf a slight twist.

Now display your décor and enjoy.

Have fun building.

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