Introduction: Generator - DC Generator Using Reed Switch

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Simple Dc generator

A direct current (DC) generator is an electrical machine which converts mechanical energy into direct current electricity.

Important : A direct current (DC ) generator can be used as a DC motor without any constructional changes and vice versa is also possible - Solar electric motor.

The simplest DC generator contain a fidget spinner with iron insertions, 3 neodymium magnet discs, a coil iron -less, a reed switch and a led. This is a simple project which can be completed using just a few components.

Step 1:

1. fidget spinner with iron inssrtions

2. led

3. reed switch

4. three neodymium magnet discs

5. coil iron less ( Inside NOKIA ACP-7 Europe Standard Charger (Original) has a specification of 230 V, 50 Hz, 4.8 VA.) - the charger contains 2 coils. The one with the thin cooper wire is needed.

Step 2: Operations :

Dc generator operations :

Steps :
1. Start by placing the neodymium magnets on the fidget spinner ( no glue needed)

2. remove the coil iron less from the old charger, the charger contains 2 coils - the one with the thin wire needed .

3. fix the reed switch on the coil iron less output wire

4. connect the led. ( reed switch, free output coil wire ) respect the polarity ("+" and" - ") - use a digital voltmeter

5. using a peace of plastic create the coil holder and stik the coil on the fidget spinner - glue needed

6. Now, it's time to use your generator! Spin it as fast as you can and watch your led light up !

Step 3: Note :

The reed switch is responsable for the Dc voltage, without using the reed switch the output of the generator it will be Ac voltage !

The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field.

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