Simple DIY 100 Wp Solar Home System

Introduction: Simple DIY 100 Wp Solar Home System

Here i made a simple solar home system (SHS) that powered a small devices like LED lamps, dc fans, and cell phone chargers so all that device are power-outage-proof.

Total money spent is about IDR 3.500.000 (about $240).

Step 1: Parts

Here is the part you'll need :

1. Solar Panels. I used 2 x 50 Wp (Watt Peak) connected in parallel, it means it can output 100 Watt (each = 50) of power when exposed to a maximum brightness of sunlight. (Cost : IDR 700.000 / $48)

2. a Solar Charge Controller, i used cheap chinese 20A PWM type Solar Charge Controller (Cost : IDR 90.000 / $6). It is recommended to use MPPT type controller, but it's quite expensive.

3. Battery. I used combination of 5*7.2Ah sealed lead acid battery, and 1*100Ah used Flooded Lead Acid Battery. (Total Cost : IDR 1.650.000 / $115). I didn't use lithium battery because the charge controller is designed for lead acid battery. Lithium battery has different working voltage compared to lead acid battery.

4. Wire, Wire terminal, and other parts.

5. Load. I used LED light, cell phone charger, and dc fan.

Step 2: Connection

Each solar panel produce about 20V 2.6A at full power, so those panel produce total 20V 5.2A when connected in parallel.

The voltage will be reduced to proper charging voltage by the charge controller (Maximum voltage of lead acid battery is 14.4V).

Step 3: Test Run

I use 5.5 Ampere total load (LED lights, DC fans, and cell phone chargers).

The controller stops charging at 14.4V, and cut off the load at 12.1V*

With normal use, it shows* :

  • 12.3V at dawn, before it charges again.
  • 13.3V at 10 am.
  • 14.0V at 4 pm.

Note :

*measured at dry and clear season.

**Since i used automotive/car battery which has shallow Depth of Discharge (DoD) of 50%, so it can be discharge to minimum 12.1 V. Otherwise, the battery will not last long because of sulphate formed inside its cell. For larger DoD, you can use a Deep Cycle Battery that specifically designed for Solar Home System.

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    2 years ago

    Cost is still the problem but Lithium Ion batteries in the same cases are available at AUD $100 for a 20 Ah battery . It uses 3 cells in series and its voltage is 12.6v tops and would probably fit in here .
    Alternatively a LiFePo4 battery in the same pack is available for AUD $150 at 20Ah and uses 4 LFP cells giving a working voltage very similar to lead acid. 14v tops and would fit in here too.
    The LFP cells should last 10 years plus even if used every day full to empty..
    Look on Ali-express


    Reply 1 year ago

    LFP4 cells are indeed very ideal for solar application regarding its
    reliability and energy density. But in Indonesia, LFP Cells are
    expensive compared to lead acid. 70 Ah LFP cells cost IDR4.500.000
    (about USD 306). at the same price i can get 200Ah Lead Acid Battery.
    and battery shipping are very difficult here.