Introduction: Simple DIY Clap Switch

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Here’s a straightforward DIY clap switch circuit. The circuit is especially composed of Associate in Nursing frequency and a bi stable trigger circuit. Q1 Associate making an amplifier with Q2 along kind an electronic equipment circuit. MK1 (electret microphone) accepts Clap/Audio signal which enters to semiconductor Q1 through the coupling capacitance C1 and enters to Q2 base through collector directly once obtaining amplified. And it obtains a negative square-wave that accustomed trigger the bi stable circuit from Q2’s collector.

Step 1: Step:1

R1 and C1 limit the frequency response of circuit to 3kHz that is in an exceedingly high sensitivity vary. This autumn is cutoff whereas Q3 is saturated and D3 is off once the ability is on. Once MK1(electret microphone) obtains the management signal, a negative square-wave is output once amplification and negative pulse is side to Q3 base through D1 once differentiation process. The ability flips apace and D3 is switched on at this point. The ability flips once more once MK1 obtains the management signal at the second time and also the semiconductor diode D3 explodes. A cable terminal J1 are often side on PCB that used for connecting external management instrumentation. It will understand the sound control operation on alternative instrumentation by connecting J1 and relay. A diode ought to be connected reversely at the ends of relay once connecting the relay. You'll be able to find out about relay from this link. This circuit works with 6V-9V power offer. The circuit consumes 3mA once the semiconductor diode is off, and it takes 6mA once the semiconductor diode is on. Take a look on the PCB and Schematic given below:

Step 2: Step:2

Even it is also possible to connect a relay to this clap switch and operate lamp working at 100-240VAC.

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