Simple DIY GoPro Suction Mount for $3!!!




Introduction: Simple DIY GoPro Suction Mount for $3!!!

GoPro. Also known as the world's most versatile sports camera. But what makes it so versatile and popular? Sure, the biggest reason is its size and quality, but another important factor is the many official and unofficial mounts available that allow it to be used in many places and in different ways. There is, however, one caveat. Many times these mounts and accessories tend to carry a steep price tag. Look no more, as I present to you a really simple and inexpensive, yet extremely effective DIY GoPro Suction mount with multiple uses!

Step 1: Yes! You Can Make This!

Step 2: Gather Up Your Tools and Supplies

I already have the tools and Gopro accessories, so I only had to purchase one extra item.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2-1/2" Diameter Suction Cup (Harbor Freight $2.99)
  • GoPro swivel joints
  • Dremel with Sanding Band
  • 3/16 Drill Bit
  • 7/64 Drill Bit
  • Drill

NOTE: You can get away by using only the 3/16 drill bit, but I like to work my way up to prevent adding stress or cracks any time I drill holes in plastic.

Step 3: Prepping Handle

Use the dremel to sand the inside of the handle near the top. Take one of the swivel joints to measure the thickness.

NOTE: I would recommend that it's not left too thick, otherwise it can add stress to the GoPro swivel joint.

Once you sand both handles and measure the thickness with the swivel joint, sand half way down both of the handles so that they can come closer to each other and prevent them from breaking.

NOTE: If you don't have a dremel, an alternative way of thinning down the handles can be done using an inexpensive soldering iron. You can use it to thin/melt the plastic.

Step 4: A Hole in One...pair of Handles!

As close as possible to the middle, make a pilot hole with the 7/64 drill bit, then make the whole bigger using the 3/16 drill bit.

NOTE: You may need to work the drill bit around to widen the hole.

Use a GoPro screw to check the width of the hole. When the screw goes in freely, you're ready for the other handle.

I recommend bringing both handles together so you can use the first hole you just drilled as a guide to match the location of the hole. This way, the holes from the handles and the swivel joint align properly.

NOTE: If you're using a soldering iron, slowly poke through the handle until you make a hole wide enough for the screw.

Step 5: Two Ends Meet

If you own a GoPro, you probably already know that the swivel joints fit like this: 2-prongs into 3-prongs.

For this build, insert one of the handles into the 2-prong swivel joint, insert a GoPro screw to hold them in place, and use a nut from a spare swivel joint to secure the joints to the handles.

Hand tightening will work just fine.

NOTE: For a tighter grip, you may use a wing nut instead.

Step 6: Use Your Imagination!

This suction mount is great for mounting on your car windshield, which allows your GoPro to be used as a "dash cam." Or add a key chain ring for tethering (other DIY project) so you can mount it on the outside for a different angle.

You may also want to put it on a house window to take awesome pictures for time lapse videos!

Check out the video below to see some footage of me driving on the Mass Pike in Boston.

Step 7: "Dash Cam" Footage and Step-by-step Instructions

Check out the video to see a few clips of me driving and to see me make this DIY GoPro Suction Mount from start to finish!

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I'm submitting this project to the Formlabs Contest, and if I were to win a Form 1+ 3D printer, then I would use it to make wild, versatile, and useful GoPro mounts, which I would then give away to my followers!

Thanks! Gracias! Merci!

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7 years ago on Introduction

Great idea!

I'll have to grab one of those suction cups next time I go to my local Harbor Freight. Thanks!