Introduction: Simple DIY Hydroponics Net Pot/basket From Recycled Bottles

Quick, simple, easy and cost effective way to make your own net pot/basket for your hydroponics garden out of used/recycled plastic bottles and nylon mesh shower sponges. Unlike typical net pots/baskets, the opening is typically smaller, so the water evaporation is reduced. The design is also more flexible for different sized of holes to suspend these nylon net pots.

Step 1: Material and Tools

Materials and tools:

1. A recycled plastic bottle, one with a plastic hoop around the neck like most soda bottles.
2. A nylon mesh. You can find it as packaging materials. Here I use a cheap nylon mesh showering sponge I got from Walgreens. 3 for $2.

A scissor.

Step 2: Cut the Mesh

Cut the tie that holds the nylon shower sponge together, and you should get a long nylon mesh tube.

Step 3: Tie One End of the Nylon Mesh Tube

Cut out a section of the nylon mesh tube. Tie one end of the nylon mesh tube to close it. This will be the bottom of your basket.

Step 4: Take Off the Plastic Ring Around the Root of the Bottle Opening.

Take off the plastic ring around the base of the bottle opening. Be careful not to deform it because we'll put it back later.

Step 5: Cut Out Soda Bottle Top

Cut soda bottle top to obtain the threaded bottle opening.

Step 6: Insert Bottle Opening to the Nylon Mesh Tube

Insert bottle opening to the nylon mesh tube so that the open end of the nylon mesh tube wraps around the opening of the bottle opening. Point bottle opening into the inside of the mesh tube.

Carefully replace the bottle cap ring over the mesh. Be sure to not damage the mesh. The bottle cap ring should secure the mesh in place.

Step 7: Done!

And that's it! You are now ready to put in your seedlings, plants, growing medium. This setup can fit many different sized holes, as long as you keep enough bottle body to fit into the holes.