Introduction: Simple Deck Box

I've had a few people ask me how I made my deck boxes so I decided to try and make a tutorial. this is my first time making a tutorial so keep that in mind.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need to make one of these boxes:

-some cardboard (I like to use empty cereal or soda boxes)

-some tape (any type will work)


-pen or marker


-whatever you want to decorate with, I normally like to use spray paint to color them but this time I used duct tape

Step 2: Measure the Size of the Box

The size will be different depending on what type and how many cards you want it to hold. In this case I wanted to make a box that will hold 60ish sleeved cards so it had to be bigger than the previous boxes I had made.

You will need to make and cut out 7 pieces total. Front, back, 2 sides, top, bottom, and the closing flap.

Step 3: Cut and Tape

Once you have all the pieces you want to cut out and tape them together like in the picture. Depending on how you traced the cutting lines you may need to trim some pieces for a better fit. If you plan on painting the box I suggest you have the plain cardboard facing outwards so that the paint will come out cleaner.

Step 4: Trim and Optional Cuts

Here I show where a corner did not line up exactly so I trimmed the edges for a better fit. i also made a few extra cuts to the flap and front just to add some style and make it easier to take the cards out.

Step 5: Decorate, Closing Latch.

This time I decided to use white duct tape to color the box, however you can decorate it any way with anything you want. As for the latch you can use a small strip of tape like in the picture to keep the box closed, but like with the coloring you can use whatever you have to keep it closed. I've used velcro and magnets on some other boxes and they work better in the long run than the tape method.

Step 6: Finished Product

And that is how you make a simple , cheap, and customizable deck box out of common materials. The more time and effort you put into making it, the better the quality you get out of it, and they are easy to repair or replace if something ever happens to it.