Introduction: Simple Desktop Cable Tidy

Easy to make way of organising phone/laptop chargers and other wires on a desk. Took about an hour in total to complete and if you have all the tools only cost me £2.77 to get the timber.

In terms of materials, all you need is a beam of wood.

Tools used were as follows:
power drill
drill bits
counter sink

Step 1: Marking Out Your Material

Using the pencil and ruler, mark out the length of the tidy and then where the holes will be for the cables to sit in. I evenly spaced the holes apart and put them halfway down the width of the timber.

Step 2: Making the Cable Tidy

Start by locking the timber down in a vice/workbench jaws and drilling the holes out for the cables to sit in. The size of the holes depends on cable thickness and size of the plug. You want the cable to slide through easily but not allow the plug to fit through. To further reduce the chance of the cable snagging I recommend countersinking both sides of the drilled holes.

Using the jigsaw, the slots for the cable to slide in and out of can be cut. I found I had to make one cut from the top to the hole then make another next to it to widen the slot allowing the cable to fit. this process can be done with a handsaw, sandpaper and this file but the jigsaw was much quicker.

Finally the tidy can be cut fromthe rest of the timber and all the rough edges sanded down to give a good finish.