Introduction: DIY Dragonfly Pendant

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This isn't one of the good looking wire dragonfly pendants! :p but it was my first attempt and really wanted to share the tutorial ^_^ They look more like butterflies, I realized that later. Try keeping the upper wings relatively larger (longer) than the bottom wings.

Check out the ible to find out how I made these dragonfly pendants :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this dragonfly pendant you'll need:

  1. Craft wire,
  2. jewelry pliers,
  3. Bead,
  4. Dragonfly template.

Step 2: Getting Started

Measure and cut 24 inches of craft wire. You can take more if you want to, for making a bigger dragonfly pendant. I made 3 cm tall dragonfly using 24 inches craft wire.

Bend the wire into half,

Tighten the bend using a flat nose plier.

Place the bent wire on the template and carefully bend the wire along the body part of the dragonfly.

Step 3: The Wings

Now to make the wings.

First, I made the bottom right wing, by bending the wire along the bottom right wing of the template.

Then I made the bottom left, top right and top left wings accordingly.

Just simply bend the wire along the outlines of the dragonfly template.

Step 4: Coiling the Body

After completing the wings, coil the part where all the wings join.

I coiled that part 2 times.

After coiling, keep 2.5 cm of craft wire for the head and cut off the rest.

Step 5: The Head

I'm confused about whether dragonflies have antenna or not!

Anyways, I had to complete the head somehow, so I inserted a bead into both wires and made swirly patterns on both of them.

You might need to use beads with bigger holes than usual because it has to be inserted into 2 wires.

Step 6: Attaching Jump Ring

Make jump rings and attach it with any one of the swirly patterns to complete the pendant.

Let me know if you like the pendant and make sure to share a picture if you make one ^_^