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Introduction: Simple Drum Stick Box

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The church I attended was in dire need of a stick holder for their drum kit. I had just enough time to build one so it could be used the next day. It needed to hold about 9-10 pairs of various types of sticks, just to be safe. I used extra wood from other projects I've done before for this project, and finished cutting and gluing in an hour, painting in three.

Step 1: Concept and Design

For the design, I choose to use a box because its simple and has very few cuts. I chose to do butt joints because I didn't have time nor did I need a super fancy box. I was going for functionality at this point. I made three slots so that different types of sticks could be separated.

Step 2: Supplies and Cuts

I used some 5/4" x 24" planks and cut 2 pieces down to 11" wide (whatever the board size is) by 10" tall. I make the bottom base to 5 1/2" deep by 11" wide. This allows for the slots to be 3". Then two side pieces are cut to 10" tall by 3" wide so they fit between the two large boards.

Originally, the two inside pieces that make the 3 lots were going to be 5/4" wide, but I decided to make them 1/8" thick to give more space for sticks.

Step 3: Gluing and Sanding

I glued the two sides pieces onto the bottom piece first so that the square would be sturdier when gluing the rest of the pieces.

I glued the top piece on after waiting my 20 minutes of clamp time, and after another 20 minutes, I placed a piece of woods(rolled in blue tape) into the the slots and braced the 1/8" pieces against them,glued and clamped them, and waited 20 minutes.

The first time I did this I didn't use blue tape to cover the wood spacers, and the 1/8" pieces stuck to the spacers and pulled out.

I spackled all of the edges and corners to make a nice and smooth outside. 15 minutes and then I sanded it down from a 60 grit-200 grit-400 grit.

Step 4: Painting and Mounting

After I was done sanding I wiped the box down with a t shirt and then blew out the slots so no saw dust was left inside when it came time to paint. I painted the base of the box 3 of the sides and the top. The second coat I sat it on the base and painted the rest. A third coat to smooth everything out, and to get down in the slots.

To mount it, I used 2 L bracket screwed into the back of the box, and then under-mounted the laptop stand next to the drumset.

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