Introduction: Simple Easy Homework Machine

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This machine is built using cheap materials and doesn't cross 7$ to build. To build this you need some patience and 2hours of time. And you must be familiar with soldering and wiring since this involves a small circuit. Once it is built just plug in this device to your computer and run the required content to be written and it will start the job in no time. This I have called writing machine since it uses a pen to write the things. So let's build your own writing machine.

Step 1: Things Gathering

You need following things.
1. arduino nano. x1
2. L293D IC with Base connectors. x2
3. PCB board. x1
4. Computer DVD writers. x2
5. Some hard cardboard boxes.
6. 1ft.X1ft. plastic or wooden or metallic board.
7. Some wires.
8. soldering iron and wire.
9. Some male and female headers.
10. USB cable for arduino.
11. A pen with a strong string or thread which is flexible.
12. A micro 9g tower pro servo motor.

Step 2: Building X and Y Axis Carriages

Take out the stepper Motor from dvd writer as in the picture. You need to open 2 dvd writers carefully without damaging anything inside it. Screw one carriage which contained the stepper motor to the 1ft.x1ft. board, this is the X-axis motor carriage. Keep some gap for Y axis motor carriage to be placed . Left most side of the X-axis carriage stick a cardboard box as in picture and make a long slot at the bottom of the box so that x axis carriage plate can go inside the box. stick a plastic rectangular board to x axis carriage as in image which supports the paper to be placed on it.

Step 3: Circuit Building Process

Place the female headers on PCB board according to the number of pins on either sides of arduino and trim excess and solder that female headers to the one side of the PCB board. and also solder the IC bases to the same board. And solder the wires wherever required by looking into the above circuit image. and solder 3 pins of male header to the same board to facilitate the servo connection to be plugged and unplugged easily.

Step 4: Finalizing and Start Writing the Things

You can make this device write the things of your choice only after writing the gcode. Don't worry about gcode much,. since we are going to use a software to convert the required image or text into .gcode file, and then streaming the .gcode file using another software called Processing. I will give the direct links to download the Processing and Ink-space software so that you can crete your own .gcode files and stream whenever you wish. And the arduino code which you need to upload to your arduino board once and for all.


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