Simple & Easy Spider-Man Web-Shooter

Introduction: Simple & Easy Spider-Man Web-Shooter

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Have you seen a Spider-Man movie?

A Spider-Man comic book?

Anything vaguely Spider-Man related?

Spider-Man is seemingly everywhere. Why not make a simple web-shooter? After a bit of practice, I created a design from house materials that could be created quickly. This simple Spider-Man Web-Shooter can be a toy, a party favor, or modified for a cosplay prop.

Step 1: Materials Used




A long screwdriver, or a dowel

Duct Tape

Hot Glue/Super Glue

Permanent Marker


For the Web-Shooters:

One old ballpoint pens with a clear, plastic tube

Two old pens with springs

Two rubber bands

3 Popsicle Sticks (at least)

Duct Tape

For the "Webs":

White Paper

Clear Tape


White thread

Step 2: Making the Web-Shooter: the Barrel

A disassembled pen can provide a clear barrel for the web shooter. Using the pliers, pull the pen apart, using the screwdriver to push out any small pieces inside the barrel.

Step 3: Cut It

Next, cut the barrel into two 2" tubes. These will be used for two separate web-shooters, one for each hand.

Step 4: The Springs

Two other old pens can be disassembled for their springs. Two springs are needed.

Step 5: Cutting the Back of the Launcher

This step can be repeated for a second web-shooter.

Trace a popsicle stick with the edge of the barrel and cut the popsicle stick.

Step 6: Assemble the Launcher

This next step will need to be repeated for the two web-shooters.

The spring is then glued to the popsicle piece, and the barrel is immediately placed around the spring.

Step 7: The "Trigger"

This next step will need to be repeated for the two web-shooters.

Cut 1" off a popsicle stick, then reattach the two pieces with a 1"-wide piece of duct tape.

Step 8: The "Trigger" Mechanism

This next step will need to be repeated for the two web-shooters.

Cut a 1/4" piece off a popsicle stick and glue it to the edge of the tape on the longer side of the stick.

Step 9: Attach the Launcher

This step can be repeated for the second web-shooter.

Glue the launcher barrel onto the side of the popsicle stick with the barrel covered by the small popsicle stick. After it dries, roll over a rubber band to keep the barrel and the trigger taught. When the trigger popsicle stick is pressed down, the barrel is opened. When the popsicle stick is released, the rubber band brings the cover back in front of the barrel.

Step 10: Making the Webs

Cut a white piece of paper into 2” by 3” pieces.

Basic Web

Tightly wrap one of the cut pieces of paper. Wrap tape around the paper and remove the toothpick, then slide the toothpick out.

Trailing Web

First, repeat the Basic Web design. Next, tape a foot-long length of white thread onto the edge of of the "web."

Trailing Web

Repeat the Basic Web design, but ensure the toothpick is taped to the paper.

Step 11: Making the Wristbands

Cut duct tape into two 10" strips, then fold them over. Glue the strips to the Web-Shooter. Wrap the wristbands over your wrist, then use a separate piece of tape to attach them.

Test and adjust the wristband until it fits comfortably.

Step 12: Conclusion

You now have a functioning, simple web-shooter. Although it won't support you swinging around New York, the web shooter can still bring fun...launching web-darts at targets and letting webs fly around.

If you make your own, please let me know, I'd love to see! This is my first Instructable, but I plan to make more.

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Question 1 year ago

can thare be more web shootrs


1 year ago on Step 12

I created a functional web shooter thanks to you! It worked out pretty well but I found out that if you soak the popsicle stick in a cup of water for round 3-4 hours, the popsicle stick gets flimsy and when it dries, you can crate a comfortable trigger


Reply 1 year ago

Awesome! Thank you for sharing.