Introduction: Simple Effective Mouse Catcher

Every cat owner with an enthusiastic hunter knows the sound - That mew (usually in the silly hours of the night) which means "I've got something for you - and it's a lively one. Let's PLAY!!!" This device makes capturing that small squeaky thing which is running loose around the house a lot easier.

I came up with this device several months ago and it's been used over a dozen times since. It's not a mousetrap as such, but it does make the business of catching the mouse / vole / shrew a lot easier so it can be dealt with .

Step 1: Construction

Construction couldn't be simpler - Kitchen roll tube, plastic container, duct tape. Put them together as per the photo.

Try not to get too much exposed sticky-side inside the container lest the mouse stick to it. Don't have too much tube inside the container. To get the mouse out, you invert the trap and give it a bit of a shake so there shouldn't be a high rim the mouse can lodge behind. Also, it's better if the tube slopes slightly so it will be at floor level when the container is on the ground.

Step 2: Using the Catcher

The other things you will need to join in the game are a long pokey stick (e.g. pool cue, length of dowel, cane, long ruler) and a torch. I find it's best to have the cat around as he will always know where the mouse has gone if it does suddenly make dash for it.

To use the catcher, put it against the skirting at the far end of the piece of furniture the mouse is under, with the tube at ground level. Go to the other end and using the torch to see, herd the mouse towards the trap with the stick. The mouse will see a nice safe tube to run up and end up into the container. Pick up trap, shut cat in room and dispose of rodent in your usual way - Job's a good'un - Hoorah!

This works best where the furniture has solid sides or base so the mouse is channelled into the tube and quite often they've gone in first time.

We have a large garden with scrubland at the bottom so we release them over there. Quite possibly they end up as a future early breakfast / second breakfast / elevenses / late night snack etc for Ozzy, but that's a food chain for you.