Introduction: Simple Electrolysis

Split water into hydrogen and oxygen using just the following things......
2.Some aluminium foil
3.2 Strings of wire
4.A container
5.A 9v battery or an adaptor
of course water

Step 1: Get the Things

1.Dc adaptor(even a mobile charger would do)
2.Al foil
3.Cu wire
4.A container
6.Common salt

Step 2: Making Electrodes

Take a little of Al foil and fold it into thin and long strips as shown in the pic.
Then attach the wire to the foil.Make two similar strips

Step 3: Connecting the Power Source

Now take one of the Al foil strips and put the open end of wire inside the hole of the adaptor.Make
sure it's fixed there tightly.Take the other strip and put some Al foil on the free end of the wire and attach it to the other terminal of adaptor as shown in the pic

Step 4: Conatainer Setup

Take any container pour water in it a little less than it's brim.Now put some common salt in the water and stir it properly so that salt dissolves

Step 5: The Final Step

Place the strips in water carefully seeing that they don't touch each other.Now just attach the adaptor to a power source

Step 6: Having Fun

The electrode from which more bubbles are coming is the cathode.I place a coin near the cathode and it rusted