Introduction: Simple Fantasy LED Lamp

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I always had trouble falling asleep. But when I stare at this soothing lamp lying on my bed, it feels like I'm in a fairytale. It is so calm and meditative that it feels like a part of a different world. A pretty simple project with wonderful results... Also here's the youtube link for my project -

Step 1: What Will You Need?

Nothing much really!

  • A white translucent plastic jar
  • A coloured card sheet paper
  • Glue
  • Cutter/Exacto knife
  • An old charger(or a battery)
  • Some red and yellow LEDs(a simple white LED or LED strips also work!)
  • Wires and a soldering gun.

Step 2: Making Your Cutout and Pasting It.

  • I drew a simple scene of a deer and some bushes. You can draw pretty much anything you like!
  • Then cut it out very carefully using an Exacto knife. I messed up a couple of times... try not to.
  • Apply some glue evenly on the cutout. I used synthetic glue because it sticks better to plastic.
  • Carefully and gently stick your cutout on the plastic jar.
  • Viola! You're done with this step.

Step 3: Now Comes the Lighting Part.

  • You can use a simple white bulb or LED strips if you want to. They look good too.
  • I used 4 red, 4 yellow LEDs. I connected them in parallel and secured them into the jar using cardboard strips as shown.
  • Make sure that no LEDs directly touch the jar's wall. It would create some ugly overly bright spots.

Step 4: The Power Supply.

  • You can use a simple 9v battery and connector if you wish to.
  • I didn't want to change the batteries from time to time. So I used a Phone charger instead.
  • Take any 5V phone charger.
  • Strip its smaller end to reveal the smaller wires.
  • Strip the red and black wires and you're pretty much done.

Step 5: Connect the Power Supply.

  • Connect the red wire to the common positive and the black wire to the common negative.
  • Insulate properly.
  • Cut a slit in the lid as shown and pass the plug through it.
  • Screw the lid to finish the project!

Step 6: Enjoy Your Night Lamp!

You can keep this on your bedside table or your work-desk or anywhere you like!

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