Simple Fire Poi




Introduction: Simple Fire Poi

Fire poi can be a bit expensive, but I made these for less than $20!
You will need:

Torch Wick (available at Renegade Juggling) I used 6' total of the 2" wick; 3' per poi. This made for
                  smaller-than-normal poi, but I didn't want them to be huge. You may like yours larger.
Thick nail
2 screw bolts with loops at the end (highly technical terminology here) I used 1/4", the length will be
                     determined by how much wick you buy.... therefor how thick your poi will be.
2 cap nuts
2 small 'carabiners'
Chain : purchased in bulk from hardware store - you will need to figure out how long you like your poi
            to be (via practice!)  to know how much chain you need. Typically you want the poi to reach  
            from your palm to just about your armpit.
Satin ribbon
Fuel (I like lamp oil or kerosene)

**Note: Please practice with non-flammable poi before you jump into this. I spent about 3 months of near-daily practice before I first attempted fire. My multiple bruises from whacks-in-the-face can attest that you really, really want to practice a lot.**

Step 1: Fold the Wick

You'll want to set up your wick at a 90 degree angle.
Then, you will fold it, back and forth, tucking in the edges, until you have a nice little wick cube.

I have lots of pics here to demonstrate how to fold...   ;)

Step 2: Punch a Path for the Bolt

I'm sure there are other awesome tools that could do this more effectively, but ya work with what ya got, no?

I took a thick nail and hammered it through the wick cube to make a path for the bolt to go through the whole thing.

Then, with the nail still inserted in the cube, I pushed it back out via screwing the bolt in... as seen below.

Step 3: Chain It Up...

Screw the cap nuts onto the end of your screw bolt, which is now all the way through the wick cube.
You may want to add some glue or other tightener.
Attach your carabiner to the round head of the screw bolt thing, and attach the chain to that.
There are much more official hand-holds available for poi, but I've found my satin ribbon to do the trick just fine.

*Note: I prefer the swing from the ball-style chain. However, the friendly folks at Renegade Juggling strongly caution against using it with fire, as the links are not as strong as the regular chain shown here, and you run the risk of a link eventually breaking and your flaming cube hitting someone in the face. Ow. You have been duly warned.

Step 4: Let Er Rip!

Tie back your hair, get on some non-bulky clothes, soak your new flame poi in fuel, and light them on fire!

Spin, spin, sugar!

Here is a great site with video instructions for poi tricks. YouTube is also helpful.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    i'm going to have to use these plans since its such an affordable set... only thing I may add are swivels to avoid kinking even if my home made practice poi are swivel free.


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    p.s we dont sell anything and its free to join!


    12 years ago on Step 4

    how long would these burn for?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    They usually burn for the length of at least one song :)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Perhaps you ought to caution kids not to try this unless they've practiced for a while with non-flaming practice Poi, and to always have a moist blanket/towel to smother the flames with afterwards.

    I've seen people try with fire to early and not only nearly bashing their brains out but also wrapping hot chains around their arms and more than once actually setting their clothes and/or hair on fire.

    Remember Kids.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    (kinda off topic but the same in a different aspect) yea dont practice with rebar for staff like i did one whack and your out... instead use curtain rod