Introduction: Simple Fix for NO SIGNAL Message: How to Use a TV With Broken HDMI Ports

If you determined that the HDMI ports on your TV are no longer functioning and you see a "No Signal" on the screen all the time - don't rush to dispose of the TV. There is still a way to use your TV via HDMI. You will need an inexpensive adapter or a converter to get HDMI signal into the TV.


1. HDMI to VGA adaptor or HDMI-to-composite converter (RCA connector) or HDMI-to-component converter.

Step 1: See What Type of Adapter Will Work for You

In this example, I'm using an HDMI to VGA adaptor. But an HDMI-to-composite converter (RCA connector) for or HDMI-to-component converter will work too, it may even provide better quality. Look for what ports are available on the back of your device to see what adapter/converter you need.

Step 2: HDMI to VGA Adapter

Here is an example of how an HDMI to VGA adapter may look like.

Step 3:

This is an example of how an HDMI-to-composite converter (RCA connector) for composite video and audio inputs may look like. Component converters look similar.

Step 4: VGA Port

The VGA port is usually found on older devices and it is a female 15 pin socket marked as "RGB IN".

Step 5: Composite Inputs

Composite inputs are also found on older devices and component video and audio inputs are present virtually on all TVs.

Step 6: Plug It In

Insert your adapter into the corresponding post.

Step 7: It Is Better With Sound

Because VGA is a video input, there is a separate cable for transmitting sound. Composite and component converters have more cables to connect. Follow the instructions that were supplied with the converter.

Step 8: Yay!

Now, any device can be used via HDMI as usual and the TV is usable again.

Step 9: If You Need to Connect More Devices

If more than one device needs to be connected - use an HDMI splitter.

Step 10: Consider This

Even if you plan to replace your TV with a new one - it is still worth fixing the old one rather than just throwing it away and use as a second TV or donate it to whoever may need it.

Step 11: Watch More Interesting Projects

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