Introduction: Simple Flaming Pumkin Head

One way to have a great Halloween party with some amazing photos is to include flaming pumpkin heads, and they're fairly simple to make! However you will be working with sharp tools and fire so always BE CAREFUL. The pumpkins do not burn for a long period of time so time photos accordingly.

Step 1: Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!

To make the flaming pumpkins you will need a few things

  1. The great pumpkin
  2. A pumpkin carving set is optional but works wonders
  3. A scary face template for your pumpkin is also optional but is helpful
  4. Kerosene (Please be careful as it is clearly highly flammable)
  5. Toilet Paper (No not for the neighbors house...)
  6. A kitchen lighter should be used when lighting the pumkins
Safety is not something to mess around with please don't burn the pumpkins inside, watch children around the pumpkins, and do not burn yourself while trying to light them.

Step 2: The Making of a Beautiful Thing

Once you have carved your pumpkin, and its time for the pumpkins to be lit, what you will want to do is place the toilet paper roll inside the pumpkin. Now comes the kerosene (SAFETY FIRST), pour the kerosene on the toilet paper roll, try not to spill it all over the place. If you spill the kerosene onto the pumpkin your pumpkin will catch on fire. Use the kitchen lighter to ignite the kerosene. I found that if you put the lid back on the pumpkin the fire will come through the eyes which looks amazing. After a while the pumpkin will turn black, more than likely your pumpkin will get a little burnt but won't full catch on fire.

Step 3: Photos

Photos look amazing with the pumpkins on the side, but you could also just use them as décor for the trick or treaters. Just have fun with them and maybe you'll find something cool that could be added. You could try adding the Mystical Fire to get a rainbow flame, the modifications are endless. If you liked this instructable remember to vote for it in the Halloween prop contest, and comment below thoughts and/or ideas!

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