Introduction: Simple Flush Piston Door

You can use this to hide your base or really anything you would like to use it for.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need: Unspecified amount of random blocks, 12 sticky pistons, 6 redstone dust, 2 redstone repeaters, and a source of redstone power (levers, buttons, redstone blocks, etc.).

Step 2: The Wall

Make or find a wall (It doesn't have to be iron) and break open a 2x2 square. This will be where the door is.

Step 3: Pistons

On the inside put four pistons on each side like this.

Step 4:

Add 2 pistons as shown, facing toward the door.

Step 5: The Building

Put two blocks in the space in between the pistons (First image) and then put seven blocks along the top (Second and third image).

Step 6: Redstone Dust

Add redstone along the top as shown.

Step 7: Redstone Repeaters

Add two redstone repeaters like this on two ticks and facing outwards.

Step 8: The Input

Now make an input connecting to one of the 2 pieces of redstone dust in the middle. Make sure it doesn't touch any of the pistons.

Step 9: Testing

Power off...

Step 10:

Power on!

Step 11: Troubleshooting

One lag I experienced was the delay for the redstone repeaters wasn't working so it pulled back the blocks but didn't pull them aside. How I solved it was I just move where the lever or button was. If it was on a block I would just remove the block. Hope this helped.

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