Introduction: Simple Focus - Telescope Focuser

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M5stack Module BaseX

Lego Mindstorm Motor

Shaft Coupler + Few Lego Bits

Step 1: Assemble Your Motor

I ran out of setting screws for one side of my coupler so I made use of some screws I found lying around to get the job done (the best way to do everything).

Step 2: Remove Focusing Knob

Most telescope focuser knobs are attached with setting screws the same way the motors coupler is. You can remove these with a small hex wrench and the knob will slide right off. Some telescopes have it so that you just unscrew the knobs from the metal shaft.

Step 3: Attach Motor to Telescope

With this step you can get a little creative depending on what you have lying around. I just happened to have this bungee cord which fit into the Lego holes perfectly. Really though you just need something that will hold the motor down to the telescope tube, even tape would work. Then just attach the other end of the coupler to the bar where you removed the focusing knob.

Step 4: Coding With M5Flow Blocks

The free online editing tool can be found here.

I normally start by making the UI first. You can get creative here again also, the only two things that really matter is that you have a label for the current speed settings, and focuser distance.

I uploaded a copy of the block code file which can be downloaded here.

Step 5: Enjoy Perfect Focusing

Just set up outside and enjoy perfect vibration free focusing.

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