Introduction: Simple Garden Box

About: I like building things with wood, while during the process not chopping off any fingers.

Garden Box.... I built a garden box using old would that I had around the house.

Step 1: Frame

Step one . Measure the size of your box. I used 4 - 2" by 6" pieces of wood. One side measuring 25 and a half inches the other side measuring 16 inches. the lengths and widths are up to you for your garden box.

Step 2: Fastening the Wood

Step2. Find a way to attach your corner. You can either use things like old hinges, corners, bars, etc. like I did. Or you can just screw the ends together using long enough wood screws to go into the longest piece of wood by a half inch or more.

Step 3: The Back

Step 3. The back. Find slats of wood that will fit across the size of your garden box. And cut them to the length of the bottom. You can either create gaps so that the water seeps through. Or you can drill holes for the water to go through. Or not do anything because it's going to be used with a plastic sheeting at the bottom of your garden box. Then nail them to the frame with thin nails.
You can either sand and paint it or just leave it the natural wood that's up to you I'm keeping mine the way it is because it's just going to get covered with dirt.